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Broadcasting agency of Montenegro

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In the context of all developments related to the public protests of a part of parliamentary parties and coalitions in Montenegro, the entire Montenegrin public has recently witnessed and condemned the instances of interference with professional duties of journalists, as well as the indicators of unjustified use of force and an indisputable case of destruction of property of an electronic media outlet, causing injuries to its journalist.

As always, the Agency for Electronic Media strongly condemns the practice of unjustified use of force in any area of social life, particularly against journalists and the media, whose free activities are of the utmost social importance and public interest. Freedom of the media is a fundamental measure of the freedom of society.

Governed by the values Montenegrin society is based on, the Agency for Electronic Media calls upon the citizens and requests from the organizers of the protests and state authorities to express maximum respect for human and professional rights of journalists and other media professionals on Saturday, October 24th and treat them strictly in accordance with regulations, enabling them to carry out their complex and responsible tasks.

Furthermore, the Agency expects from all media, particularly electronic ones, to contribute, through their professional work, to full, objective and timely information to citizens and promotion of dialogue on all important matters, while respecting the constitutional order, laws and institutions of Montenegro.

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